Problems with the Liffery Sidebar?

Problems with the Liffery Sidebar login? #

I landed on a website, I saw the Liffery Sidebar tab… but on the login form it displays a message about cookies not fully supported.

If this sounds familiar to you then the chances are that your browser is configured in such a way that prevents Liffery from being able to identify you when on a website that is not

How to fix the problem? #

Fixing this issue depends on the browser you are using and the setting need to look for is to “cross-site cookies” or ensure that cookies are not blocked on your browser. By permitting your browser to use cross-site cookies you will allow Liffery to identify you when on a website with the Liffery Sidebar.

If you cannot find a setting in your browser to control “cross-site cookies” then you only need to ensure that cookies are not blocked. Below is a list of links to support pages for some of the popular web browsers to help:


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